Black Tar

Black Tar

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Black Tar © is what the winners use.

This fantastic natural product supplement for greyhounds has now world-wide acclaim.


Our unique blend of high grade vitamins, minerals and herbs, have been developed for the greyhound industry after 5 years of R & D & testing.


Many trainers are now switching away from chemical combinations to our natural supplements.


Many trainers have been using our products with great success for years, stating their dogs look great and race performance improves.


Leading NSW trainer John Dart has stated publicly BLACK TAR is the best product he has used in over 30 years training

Making winners from under 25c per day
500 ml - $39.00
1 Litre - $70.00

Black tar, a natural greyhound performance product that every trainer, owner or breeder of greyhounds needs. 


Black Tar© is an Australian Product created by greyhound nutritionist, Jack Ogilvie. 


Sold Worldwide