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Greyhound Performance Products Pty Ltd Range of Veterinary Lasers 

Today, more so than ever, trainers are under pressure to keep their valuable stock on the track.


The GPP range of Lasers are ideal for treating injured greyhounds and members of the equine family. Our Lasers have technology that supersedes all other lasers on todays market with our latest release laser being the 3300.  GPP and our manufacturing partners at Laserex technologies now have a laser that will penetrate deeper into the muscle. 



Uses for GPP IFR Lasers are:

  • Injured Tendons
  • Inflamed sprained joints  
  • Bruises and contusions  
  • Ligament injuries.  
  • Metacarpal and bone remodelling  
  • Hock injuries  
  • Muscles tears and split webbing  
  • Back pain
  • Sacroiliac injuries 
  • and many other clinic indications. 

Lasers are well known for their treatment properties and have been used by veterinarians to treat numerous pain conditions and soft tissue injuries in horses and greyhounds.


For many years there have been studies conducted around the world that indicate the positive benefits derived by using lasers as a treatment modality.


Additionally, lasers are excellent for acupuncture points, wounds and scars, Lasers are far superior than ultra sound, and evasive treatment such as needling.



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GPP IFR 3000 - Single diode laser - $2585


GPP IFR 3300 - Our latest leading edge technology.  This unit has three 808nm diodes and one 635nm diode with visible tracking beam for accurate treatment of injuries making us a more superior product than anything currently on the market.  

The 635nm diode is best used for treatment of split webbing, injuries closer to the surface and tendon and metacarpal injuries.  

The 808nm diodes are best used for deeper seated injuries and can be used on greyhounds and equine injuries.

The GPP IFR 3300 is the latest and best technology currently on today's market.  

Price:  $3225

** a 904nm diode option is also available.  


The GPPIFR 3300 has the following specifications:

* Continuous wave as well as 7 pulsed Nogier frequencies (73Hz-4672Hz)
* Powerful unit with up to 450mW output power (808nm cluster head)
* Cluster head comes with 3 x 808nm diodes and 1 x 635nm visible aiming beam
* Class 3B Cold Laser
* Ability to store up to 14 treatment dosages in the unit's memory
* High dosages...up to 4000 Joules
* Penetrates deep into muscle tissue (5cm) with Infra-red version
* Audible beep as unit count downs treatment time
* Color OLED screen
* 2 year warranty
* Very competitively priced



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This independant graph shows the 808nm wavelength has the deepest pentration and healing properties whereas the 635nm is excellect for treating injuries closer to the surface such as cuts, tendon inuries and split webbing.  


For more information about cold laser therapy check out this article by Cynthia Rose.  


Winning is everything.  Take advantage of our leading edge technology.


For less than a cup of coffee and a donut a day you can now have the worlds best value laser in your stable or kennel.  


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