Calcium Plus

Greyhound Performance Products Calcium Plus is a unique blend of Calcium, Phosphorus, Carrot powder, magnesium, vitamin D, super food spirulina, chia, deep sea kelp all blended in balance for the racing greyhound & saplings that are being prepared for education.


A balanced ratio of 2 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus combined with natural forms of vitamin A, E, D & Magnesium.


The ultimate calcium blend.


Now one of the worlds leading calcium blends, suitable for brood bitches, pups, and race dogs. 


Why spend $1000's on your rearing and use a cheap calcium that will not be absorbed, and cause skeletal injuries in the dogs racing life.


Making winners from under 10c per day

1kg - $24.00

3kg - $58.00

For large kennels we can blend 10kg or 20kg

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Calcium Plus is an Australian Product created by greyhound nutritionist, Jack Ogilvie.


Sold Worldwide