Many leading greyhound trainers are now using our products.


Darryl Schafer (deceased) was one of many who found the benefits of using our black tar and calcium plus.  Darryl stated publicly that his dogs improved out of sight after commencing using black tar and calcium plus.  Darryl stated that his dogs looked better with shiny coats, their health was excellent and their recovery time after a race improved out of sight.



One of Australia's leading trainers John Dart stated "that Black Tar is the best products i have used in 30 years of training greyhounds".



Sonia Kempshall has been the leading trainer at the Grafton greyhound track for the last three years.  Sonia has stated that "Black Tar has changed their lives and the rewards they see training greyhounds.  Since being introduced  to Black Tar and Calcium Plus by Darryl Schafer we have gone from winning a reasonable share of races in the northern rivers area of NSW to improving our strike rate and the number of winners we are now training.  This year (2016) the dog i train Slender Jappa, who is owned by my husband and Jack Ogilvie won the greyhound of the year at Grafton by a record margin of over 30 points".



Craig Schmidt:   "The laser I bought from you has worked wonders on my bitch which fell in a race and split her webbing.

I treated her with the laser and bathed the foot in salty water and she was back racing in 3 weeks.  Once she recovered from an illness she got around the same time, she raced again and won best of the night at Albion Park.

Thanks Jack a very good product".


Paul Jones: "Our dogs are all doing well, their coats are so soft and they are all well.  I think your products are great Jack, our dogs have never looked or felt healthier. We had a city winner the other night at Sandown our first ever city class win, we were so rapt."